Corporate Travel & Account Management


Preferred Airline Rates (with over 400 Global airlines) including our National Airlines:  Air Canada, WestJet, and Porter Airlines.

Global Hotel Program: Our best-in-class hotel program features over 20,000 negotiated hotel rates, and includes access to BAR (Best Available Rates) with top hotel chains worldwide.  We can edge out the competition with exceptional, amenities- rich travel values.  Program benefits include special amenities and value-added extras such as blocked space, room upgrades, early check-in/late check-out, and complimentary breakfast whenever available.

Global Car Rental Rate Offering: The best offers and deals through the largest car rental suppliers (AVIS- HERTZ-ENTERPRISE)

Corporate Rewards Programs with Air Canada and West Jet allowing additional savings and rewards on your preferred airlines loyalty programs

Tracking unused tickets: Our goal is to assure that our customers retain the maximum value from any unused airline tickets. Our technology tracks all your unused tickets and tags them to be used by your travel advisor at the first opportunity. One of the largest unmanaged expenses for corporations is when unused tickets are not redeemed for their value. Working with YYZ Travel North you can be confident that you are getting the value out of EVERY UNUSED TICKET.

Flight Passes: Air Canada flight passes for Business Travel is designed to get you back to business, with budget-friendly options that provide plenty of flexibility for multiple routes and employees.

24/7 after-hours assistance: not all travel emergencies happen during office hours. Our premiere after-hours service gives your travelers instant access to a travel professional 24/7 anywhere in the world. You can rest assured that their travel needs will be met and fulfilled with this personalized service 24/7.


Account Management oversees your account, and provides implementation to ensure that every account is set up with your unique travel policies built in and your goals for a successful travel managed program. This service includes quarterly reviews, and setting up monthly management reporting.

Each New account is set up with a designated team of travel advisors. Working with a team of agents ensures they understand your travel preferences and travel policies. There is never a hold for the next available agent. A Traveler Profile will be filled out for each traveler prior to first booking, outlining- preferred preferences, contact information, and preferred loyalty numbers. An account manager is also assigned to each new account overseeing the account management process.

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