Travel Technology

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We have solved the difficult problem of securely pre-authorizing payment for hotel rooms and other payment needs globally. Single-generated transaction numbers eliminate concerns for misuse of credit cards, greatly reducing fraud concerns. The perfect payment solution for infrequent travelers and travelers who do not have a credit card. Travelers have electronic proof of reservation and payment, directly addressing the long-standing problem of the desk clerk claiming that “no fax was received, and no payment was made.”

CONCUR Online Booking Tool (self booking technology for large corporations)
• Searches all airline inventories worldwide
• Holds space for you while you are still searching
• Allows you to stop and go back in the booking process
• Helps companies manage travel by enforcing travel policy
• Integrates your car and hotel choices onto a single screen
• management reporting and vendor negotiations.

SAFE TO GO – Duty of Care

In the event of an international crisis or even a company emergency, you need an expeditious way to find and contact all your travelers.
Safe To Go is real-time access at your fingertips to help find every traveler, including what flight they are on or what hotel they are in. Comprehensive global traveler locator capability is a critical part of your company’s Duty of Care responsibilities to your employees. Being in touch with them immediately though Text SMS is peace of mind in travel today.


A powerful tool, this web-based system automates the corporate travel reporting and delivery process for our corporate clients.  Grasp Data provides a library of over 500 real time reports. Now more than ever-Travel Managers need on-demand reporting to adjust and respond to changing conditions, so Grasp Data can be set up with a sign in  for Travel Managers to access their top 12 reports.

TRIP CASE – itinerary delivery App
TripCase is the first travel itinerary app to give travel arrangers anywhere-access to the details of their travelers’ trips including the latest itinerary updates. … In fact, we have the added ability to automatically import itinerary of trips into a TripCase account at time of booking. Travelers can upload this app for free. Any changes in flight time, departure gate or other important information will show in real time on your mobile phone.

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